Cedar plank salmon & grilled sardines recipe

cedar plank salmon & sardines on Barbecue

Wild salmon & sardines

are the best ingredients for a healthy dinner: especially if not covered with lots of sauce or butter.
I mean: I love barbecue, I love barbecue sauce, I love butter, but…you have to take care of your body and eat right.

And there’s nothing like simple grilled fish (sardines) and a good piece of smoked planked salmon to help you eat right.

Did someone say that eating right is boring ?

Cedar planked salmon & grilled sardines

So the sun has finaly arrived here in Western Europe (it’s about time!) and at the end of this beautiful afternoon, I decided to fire up the  Big Green Egg: We’re grilling fish tonight!

For those of you who don’t know what that is, The Big Green Egg is a ceramic oven which you can use as an oven, as a grill, or as a barbecue.
You can cook pretty much anything on it and it always taste so good!

Tonight, like every time I cook on the Big Green Egg, it is just pure pleasure!
Those who own a BGE know the feeling.
Healthy food, perfect taste, and the pleasure of outdoor cooking!

Last but not least: when you cook on a Big Green Egg, keep the recipe simple and it’ll taste better.

Grilled sardines

Canned sardines in olive oil can be found at the supermarket: I just love them but I find it quite expensive for such a small can: why spend so much when you can buy them fresh, put them on the grill, clean them and let them soak in some  lemon juice and canalo oil (which is actually a cooking oil, but I’ve tried it like that and it taste great!
It’s an even cheaper meal if you live buy the sea!

The planked salmon

As seen on the video, just cover the cedar plank with canola oil, then put your marinated salmon filet and cover with oignons.
Remember the cedar plank needs to soak in cold water for at least one hour.

Once on the grill, the cedar plank will gently start smoking and this will give the salmon an exquisite taste.